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Low Altitude Adventures

Membership Benefits

Low Altitude Adventures (LAA) exclusive membership offers pilots fifty days per year to fly the dynamic Icon A5 for less than half the cost of ownership. In addition, LAA extends significant savings to our members with our Group Insurance program.  With a dedicated staff of Certified Instructors, we'll work with you to provide the training you need to fly the ICON safely. 

Explore New England from a Whole New Perspective


You'll create new adventures in the air, overland, and on the sea, with one of the most exciting aircraft on the market today, the ICON A5. Our membership program is committed to safety while providing concierge access, seamless aircraft management, and tailored training so you can focus on what matters to you, the seaplane experience. Flying low, slow, and splashing down is what we are all about—Low Altitude Adventures LLC.


We're thrilled to offer a new buy-back program! When you join our exclusive membership, it includes a 5-Year term. We understand life happens, and you may need to opt out. Low Altitude Adventures will offer you a buy-back at the set depreciation schedule at three years. 

Current Deposit Holder? 

We offer a Bridge To Ownership option if you're in a holding pattern, waiting for your ICON A5 to be delivered.

Contact us today to learn more. 

Join a Lifestyle

Enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership, without the high costs.

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