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ICON A5 Flight Training

New England Region



Low Altitude Adventures is an authorized ICON flight training provider for the New England region. We have two ICON Authorized Flight Instructors (IAFI) on staff to help our members safely operate the A5 on land and in the water. 

Not qualified to purchase your own ICON yet? Our membership program is a great "bridge" to ICON A5 ownership. General aviation insurance requirements are becoming very challenging. Our members can build A5 flight time and experience to work towards eventual A5 ownership. 

ICON Authorized Flight Instructors can assist new ICON A5 owners with ICON A5 flight training. Our location in Southeastern New England is a great area for flight training with a multitude of water landing locations. 


Water Operations

Flying seaplanes is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in general aviation. Unlike airports with automated weather and information, seaplane pilots need to carefully understand the challenges associated with water operations.


Let LAA show you how to safely navigate every aspect of operating the ICON A5 while you explore our endless destinations in New England.



Aeronautical decision making skills are critical for any pilot no matter what you are flying. When we land at off-airport locations those skills are in demand even more.


Gaining that experience to safely make those critical decisions is another great benefit with LAA membership. 

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