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Low Altitude Adventures


Our mission is to provide pilots access to the ICON A5 aircraft through our exclusive membership. Explore New England creating new adventures in the air and on the sea.

Our commitment is to safety while providing concierge service, complete aircraft management, and tailored training. Empowering you to enjoy the ICON A5 seaplane experience.

Flying low, slow, and splashing down is what it's all about.

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Low Altitude Adventures LLC
Your path to the ICON A5 adventure


Aircraft Ownership

You love to fly, but it's challenging to buy

  • General Aviation insurance has become increasingly challenging to secure and expensive

  • Purchasing an aircraft can be stressful. Locating, pre-by, negotiating, and the final sale takes time, effort, patience, and could be costly.

  • Pilot Training is an ongoing effort. Finding the right instructor and plane can be difficult.

  • Aircraft maintenance costs are an unknow. Finding an experienced shop, negotiating shop rates, and time spent on repairs can be costly.

  • New England weather can be harsh, finding hangar space can be costly.


Low Altitude Adventures Membership Program

You love to fly, we make it possible.

  • Insurance has become increasingly challenging to secure and is costly

             Get in with LAA Group Insurance​

  • No purchase and sales contracts to negotiate

             LAA Membership has an ICON A5 ready for you

  • Pilot training is an ongoing effort.

             ICON Authorized Flight Instructors are ready to train you for water operations

  • Aircraft maintenance costs are an unknown

             Maintenance included with our ICON Authorized maintenance providers

  • New England weather demands your aircraft to be stowed

             LAA Membership provides hangar space


Low Altitude Adventures Program Details

  • Membership: $50,000, 5 Year Term

  • Annual Fee: $25,000 Includes (Can be paid monthly)

    • Aircraft Maintenance

    • Hangar storage at our base location

    • Group Owners Insurance buy-in

    • Access to ICON Authorized Flight Instructors on staff

    • 50 Days of use per year, no hourly time limit

Membership Rates are introductory for a limited time.

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Let's Get Started

  • Review your pilot experience/ratings.

  • What are your flight goals?

  • Personalize training program.

  • How can the LAA membership benefit you?

  • Let's schedule a demo flight!

  • Review contract.

  • Let the adventures begin.

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